Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cats, Camping and Country Music.

As in this weekend. And its homework.
No but really I'm packing up my Lauren and camera (and a few other things pleasant and enjoyable camping require) and heading up to Sedona. We are camping Friday night on the rim, driving around Sedona, camping again and eating lunch and fudge in Jerome. Its going to be a magical time full of pink rockstars and s'mores.

Country Music:
I've always been a fan. I was raised on Alabama, Brooks & Dunn, George Straight and Faith Hill just to name a few. (Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Martina McBride  Toby Keith, to name a few more) Anyways, lately I have been listening to them all again and reminiscing about my hick days. No really I had those, I was what you might call a redneck, We had horses, three cars that didn't work sitting outside of our single wide trailer, (sans polyester curtains and redwood decks...also 25 points if you got that reference) we had cows that we had to go feed and my dad would go prairie dog hunting. We lived on a dirt road and one time in the winter my dad had to set the driveway on fire to melt the snow of so we could get to the house. I know how to string an electric fence and I know that you have to check the heater in the water trough because if it breaks you have to break the ice. I always carried my pocket knife cause the one time you didn't take it out was the day you needed to cut the strings on a new hay bale. I have hauled hay. I lived on a horse ranch for a few months and cleaned out more stalls than anyone should have to clean. ever.
I understand Rain Is A Good Thing...
The point of this is that I started listening to Country again. The good stuff.

(Christmas horse that was NOT rider friendly that I watched throw and trample my father)

(Me and Lucy on the horse ranch)

(Me and Lucy at the last home in Colorado)

So I have this wickedly amazing plan. I'm going to print of pictures of cats similar to these:

and then I'm going to strategically place them all over peoples rooms, work spaces and cars. Its going to be seriously intense. 
Just think, 
You come home and go into your room and peeking out from behind your bedside table? BAM cat. 
You go in for a little time in the bathroom, BAM cat behind the toilet...
Go out to your car and in your rear view mirror? BAM cat.

You get the idea. Be careful cause you might be on my list to get CAT BOMBED!!!